La Renommee

Here you can see the actual status of my work on the "La Renommee".

For the construction of a historical ship model is the choice of a corresponding architect's plan, linked with an extensive secondary literature, from determining meaning. These conditions become full according to my appraisal only from the plans and monographs, as well as the very much detailed books the history of the ship development in the 18th century by the french author Jean Boudriot. Therefore, I have decided years ago on the construction of the French frigate "La Renommeé". As a scale it was chosen 1:48. In this scale almost all details can be shown. The achieved building construction in progress shows a small insight into the art of the model construction of such models.

"La Renommeé" became in 1744 after plans of B. Oliviers as one of the first ships of this class built and counted as one of the quickest frigates of the past.

In 1747 the ship was raised by the Englishmen and was put after a rebuilding in the service of the Navy. Nevertheless, the good sail qualities could be reached no more.

As a building material for the model fine woods, like pear tree, box (Amarillo, Brazilian Castello) and ebony are used mainly. The aesthetic overall impression of such a ship model is reached by the hand of the modelbuilder by combination of this wood together and many small shares from metal.

The figurehead was carved up to the trumpet from a piece of box.

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