Friedrich Wilhelm on Horseback (1680)

The "
Friedrich Wilhelm on Horseback" is a dutch twodecker, which was built by Master G. C. Pickelhering in Pillau in 1680/81.

On the 1st of October 1684 the ship was acquired by elector Friedrich Wilhelm for sale as a flagship of the Brandenburg fleet.

The fate journey "Friedrich Wilhelm on Horseback" began on the 25th of July 1692 under captain Jean le Sage in Emden in the organization by other ships and led round Scotland at first to Guinea.
On the 23rd of May 1693 the trip further went with 700 black slaves aboard to West Indies which one reached on the 9th of July.
29th August one returned with a cocoa freight which should be exchanged in Cadiz by Spanish wine to Europe. The ship was attacked at night by 30th to the 31st of October before Gibraltar of three French warships. Captain Jean le Sage fell, and when "Friedrich Wilhelm on Horseback" stroked the flag before the superior strength, in the end, the battle damages were so heavy that she had to be given up and be burned. The occupying could escape mainly and returned on foot from Brest to Emden.

The construction of the "Friedrich Wilhelm on Horseback" needs 4000 to 5000 hours to create a competitive shipmodel.

At the XI. Naviga World Championship Section C in 2002 this shipmodel won the silver medal.

Modelscale: 1:50

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