Karl and Marie (19th century)

In the 18-th century this typical ship type originated on the Baltic Sea – the Galeass ship was called.. These Galeassen were small freighters of 15-to 20-m length, with sails and the wide trunk typical for freighter.

Karl und MarieThe model shows a reconstruction of this ship type from the 19th century.

Ship journey on wooden sailing ships was a hard work with wind and weather, fight with waves and salted water.

The model, in the scale 1:40, was my first historical stand model – built from a box of building blocks – construction time approx. four months. In the meantime, I build no more models from boxes of building blocks, because they correspond to my requirements no more. They are for the entrance in this group of modeling a good start. Here the development should be shown by " Karl and Marie “ up to "La Renommeè" also as an advancement of the personal requirements and the craft skills.

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