At this website I would like to introduce you to some of my models in detail.
But at first I´ll give some words to my person.

Guenter and FreddyI was born in 1952 in Aken.
Aken is a small town near the river “Elbe”.
Here I also live still today.

At the age of approximately 12 years I built my first ship model among like-minded people in a study group at school.
Since this time the "model construction virus" has not let go me again.

My speciality are historical ship models, especially after the plans of the french author Mr. Boudriot whom I would like to thanks here for his monographs and books.

I have started small box of building blocks models (Karl and Marie).
Then these became more and more extensive, until I make, in the end, only everything itself after plans.
The pictures at this website will give you a small expression of this development.

My other thanks count for Mr. Guenther Lang from Aken who helped me as a little boy to build my first ship model and even today an interesting interlocutor is.

I´m not the best english speaker and I hope you will forgive if I have some mistakes in the english text.